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Our offers

From strategy to delivery, we are specialized in the lean approach that will help you maximize your return on investment, limit your risks and reduce your costs. We have 4 offers that proved to be efficient :



The essential step to put your project in a good direction : a fast strategy diagnostic of your project with action plan delivery before execution

Rocket drive

If you need to manage and assess a team work or an agency development work, we can execute it for you

Fast STRATEGY product

Before developing a product or changing a website, we can help you analyze the product needs, write the specifications or help your team adopt a data-driven lean approach for your product

Fast action dev

We can develop your web application or mobile or launch a cheaper solution to meet your need and objectives.

We are fullstack and use Ruby, Rails, Python, Django, MongoDB, nodeJS, VueJS, ReactJS, GraphQL, Dart, Flutter...

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Lean Data Diagnostic

USE DATA FOR youR product

Why work with us ? Benefit from our lean data-driven approach and double expertise


Limit your risk and pay what you need

Web or app development can be very costly and time consuming. The lean approach is a strong way of evaluating in which stage of your business process you are to define business objectives and the next step in your product or strategy. By doing so, you limit your risk and avoid spending money for products people do not want or useless websites. 

 That's why we focus our missions by deeply understanding the real need of our customers, identify the stages of their projects, their final objectives and then find the best solution at the best price.


A lean and data driven strategy

Opinions and instinct in business are ok but a methodic analytic roadmap with metrics will prove your instinct right or wrong. Developing and delivering a great website or a great tech product is not as easy in a competitive landscape. Lean strategy that focus on metrics, objectives, hypothesis and experimentation for learning and building a successful business is the key success of many tech startups. We will help you set hypothesis, objectives, metrics (KPI) and solutions to validate them. Then we'll go for execution to make your business a success !

A trust partner who understands you and deliver quality code

Have you ever felt misunderstood by tech developers or designers ? Do you find hard to understand tech people talking about their work ?

We are good in explaining and communicating because we were entrepreneur and business people before tech people. This helps us to be your trusted partner that can make the link between business needs and tech decisions.

Moreover, we love to write clean and quality code, so you will have a sustainable code base.


Our projects portfolio

We worked on different projects : from product specification to launching websites and apps for startup or small and medium companies, or experimental projects and nocode projects

project AteliersCeline
project educlever
project thejamquiz
project langeconnect
project onmuze
project meditest

Technologies we use


About us

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I'm Michael Ramassamy

In the tech industry since 2013, i am passionate about startups and innovation.

I have taught tech culture and coding for starters at Kedge Business School, worked as a developer in biotech innovative company and lead a startup in the education sector. Now i love helping companies or entrepreneurs in their tech projects.

My skills go from marketing to product strategy, management, training, and technical development.



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