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A consulting mission to setup a LEAN DATA Strategy for the growth of your tech product


Objective : use a data-driven scientific approach to build tech products that succeed

​What we can help ou with :

  1. Tech service or product analysis, growth maturity analysis and available datas diagnosis

  2. Data needs definition to help to grow your product

  3. Strategy and Action plan building for :

    • Collecting

    • Storing

    • Analyzing

    • Data visualisation

    • Decision making dashboard  

  4. Value Proposition Design

  5. Product/market positioning 

  6. Data intelligence with Power BI implementation

Advanced Methodology

  1. Maturity analysis:
    Diagnosis based on McClure Pirate Metrics (Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Retention, Referral) & Sean Elli's Growth Pyramid

  2. Study and enhancement of value proposition:
    qualitative interviews with users, prospects, prescribers or clients with Ash Maurya methodology and Osterwalder Value Proposition Design methodology

  3. Data definition for each step of the user flow with Croll & Yoskovitz Lean Analytics Methodology and one metric that matters principle

  4. Data scientist or UX approach for collecting, storing, querying and visualizing data

  5. Objective and targets building with OKR methodology

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